NVIDIA GTC Taiwan 2016 and Deep Learning Institute Certificate

On September 21st, we attended GTC Taiwan 2016 to learn about the latest advances in GPU technology from NVIDIA. There was a huge emphasis this year with their push for AI and Deep Neural Nets (DNN) using their latest Jetson and DGX-1 boards. They also showed off their newest advances in training smart cars with R2D2. With the launch of the GTX 1080 earlier this year, there was a big push for VR as well. We had the chance to work with 2 GTX 1080s earlier this year and it is by far the fastest GPUs we’ve used to date.

On day 2 of the event, we attended the Deep Learning Institute workshops and learned about DIGITS, Tensorflow, and MXNet. The potentials are endless, however with the current processing power, it still can take a while to train out a usable system in the cloud.