AR/VR Game Jam – Vinland

On August 29th, we attended the 2nd annual AR/VR Game Jam with ibilab and Land Slide Studio here in Taipei. Using our past experiences with rapid prototyping, we developed an intense VR game over the course of 3 days. Our game Sail 2 Vinland is a story about vikings trying to make their way home[…]

Global Game Jam 2016 Vancouver

During the 2016 Global Game Jam, our team decided to tackle a space in VR that hasn’t been explored to great depth and that was the platformer genre. It was a challenge because traditional cameras and actions that people are familiar with may not be easy to translate directly into VR. We had to come[…]

Winner of the first VR/AR Game Jam in Taipei

We recently participated in the first VR/AR game jam in Taipei and came first place with our game Cactus PiƱata! Special thanks to the organizers and the sponsors Cooler Master MSI Gaming. Local News: Mofang