Unite 2016 – Made With Unity & Unity Connect

At Unite 2016 this year, many new features and collaborations were introduced, including Unity’s partnership with OTOY for Octane Render within Unity for free. With this new tool, it is now possible to bridge the gap between Unity’s dynamic graphic capabilities and professional grade CG film pipelines. Amongst one of the announcements was the beta for Unity[…]

NVIDIA GTC Taiwan 2016 and Deep Learning Institute Certificate

On September 21st, we attended GTC Taiwan 2016 to learn about the latest advances in GPU technology from NVIDIA. There was a huge emphasis this year with their push for AI and Deep Neural Nets (DNN) using their latest Jetson and DGX-1 boards. They also showed off their newest advances in training smart cars with[…]

Unity VR Workshop & First Unity Certified Developer In Taiwan

Thanks to Unity, we have now become the first group of certified Unity Developers in Taiwan! We have been using their tools for many years on many projects and this was a good opportunity for us to brush up and review our knowledge and make sure that we have all our bases covered. Special thanks[…]