Mesh Normals Debugger / Reverser


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Product Description

Easily debug mesh normals by adding this script to any GameObject. This script will cascade down your transform tree and append the script to each GameObject containing a mesh filter to display their normals in the scene window.

Settings include:
– Switching between displaying Vertex or Face Normal Vectors
– Changing colours and length of the normal lines on the GameObject or on a per mesh basis
– Face normals can be displayed as an average of the normals on the vertices of the triangle or orthogonal to the triangle

An additional feature allows you to flip the normals for the mesh filters. This is useful for displaying polygons that have been culled with back face culling from the standard shader.

What’s new in this version?

– No longer requires Play Mode to use
-Updated editor UI in inspector for easier control
– Aggregated redundant scripts

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